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How does Winston work?

How do I order a Winston? Are they available now?

Who is the perfect Winston user?

Is it difficult to add Winston to my home network?


How do I install Winston on my home network?

What does the setup process look like?

What is the maximum connection speed?

Does one Winston unit cover all of my devices?


What do I get with monthly service?


Can I whitelist sites?

Can I blacklist sites?

Does Winston slow down my internet speed?

Are all sites compatible with Winston?

What are Privacy Zones?

How does Winston prevent Identity Theft?

How does Winston compare with just using an ad blocker?

Logging and Privacy

Does Winston log internet activity?

What does Winston do with user data?


Can Winston really save me money on my cell phone bill?

Can Winston save me money on hotel and airfares?


Is the Pilot Program launched?

How long will the Pilot Program be available?

Can I refer someone to the Pilot Program?

What payment types are accepted?