Why Is It Important To Hide Your IP Address?

Every time you go online, your location is recorded. But unlike your mailing address, your online location is known as your IP address. Much like a virtual fingerprint, every IP address is unique, so any movements you make while you’re online can be easily traced back to you. While you might think this isn’t that important to you because you don’t visit illicit websites or engage in illegal activities online, the reality is if someone knows your IP address, they also know your Internet service provider and they can very easily Read More

How Private Is A VPN Connection?

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, market their services as being the pinnacle of online security. They tout their abilities to protect your identity, location and banking information, among other sensitive data. But just how private is a VPN connection? Are these services as effective as they claim? The truth may surprise you. Here are five reasons why your VPN connection might not be providing you with the level of security you think it is. Privacy policies are rarely read by consumers, but.. Read More

Why Are VPNs So Slow?

Virtual private networks like to market their services as having fast and reliable connections, but if you’ve ever used one before, then you know they can be frustratingly slow and suffer from random disconnections. In the best of cases, you’re forced to sacrifice speed for security but when you take a really close look at VPNs, even their security promises aren’t as strong as they claim. So, why are VPNs so slow and is there a VPN alternative that can provide a faster and more consistent connection? Read More

Why Is My VPN Disconnecting?

Do you pay a monthly fee for VPN service only to be left wondering – why is my VPN disconnecting all the time? Unfortunately, VPN drops are a common problem because these services are very sensitive to many factors. The real issue, however, is the fact that when your VPN disconnects, all the protection it promises to deliver no longer works. And, what’s worse is that when your VPN drops, your computer automatically adjusts to your router’s signal, so any interruption is barely noticed.. Read More

Why traditional speed tests don't work with Winston

Your run of the mill Speed Test was never designed to measure performance on a cloaked network. Here's why. The traditional speed test starts by detecting a server near you, then transferring batches of fixed length files back and forth to your computer. The speed at which the files are transmitted indicates the total bandwidth of your connection. However, when running behind a Winston, most of your internet activity will be... Read More

Consumer Fears About Online Privacy Abound

Have you ever had a conversation with someone about a brand or product, and then noticed ads for the very same company pop up in your social media feed or along a website’s margin — making you wonder if your phone was listening to you? If you have, you’re not alone: Almost two-thirds of respondents to a recent Winston Privacy survey feel the same way, with 63% of people saying that they believe tech companies are listening to them on their devices. Read More