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How Nanny Cams Invite Hackers Into Your Home

How Nanny Cams Invite Hackers Into Your Home

Installing a nanny cam in your child’s room is supposed to provide convenience and peace of mind by allowing you to check in on your little one whenever you want without disturbing his or her sleep. But if your home network isn’t secured properly, nanny cams and other types of security cameras used in and around your home can leave you and your family exposed and open to infiltration by hackers.

Before you install a nanny cam in your child’s bedroom, learn nanny cam risks and what you can do to prevent your cameras from inadvertently giving hackers a peek inside into your home. 

How Hackers Exploit Nanny Cams

Nanny cam risks increase every time a data breach occurs. When a retail store suffers a data breach, hackers steal a wide variety of information pertaining to the store’s customers. Most valuable to these hackers is the company’s list of login credentials because more than half of all internet users use the same login credentials across many websites and apps. 

Once they have a customer’s login credentials, hackers can then use that information to gain access to their home network. In many cases, hackers get in through network-connected security cameras. These devices not only allow them to spy on your family, but also provides a way for them to be able to control your home’s other IoT connected devices. For instance, cybercriminals can see when you’re not at home and then turn off your burglar alarm and unlock your door remotely, thus allowing them easy entrance into your home.

How to Improve Your Nanny Cam Security

Step 1: Create New Passwords: The first step to improving your home’s security is to change the passwords on all your devices, including your nanny cam. Create long, unique passwords utilizing upper-case and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols for each device. Do not reuse passwords or make them too similar to each other.

Step 2: Use Two-Factor Authentication: If your nanny cam has it, set up two-factor authentication. Activating this feature will add an extra layer of security because it requires two different types of credentials when logging in, such a password and another code that gets emailed to you or texted to your phone. This way, even if a hacker gains access to your login credentials, they won’t be able to access your nanny cam because they won’t have the second required code.

Step 3: Keep Your Camera Software Updated: Nanny cams and other network-connected security cameras routinely update their software. This not only helps them operate better, but the updates also patch up any security flaws that might have become exposed. If your nanny cam doesn’t notify you automatically of updates, make sure you check the manufacturer’s website regularly to ensure your camera always has the most secure software installed.

Step 4: Install a Good Quality Firewall and Antivirus on Your Computers: Any computer used to access your nanny cam should have a good quality firewall and antivirus program installed and actively running. This will add yet another layer of defense that a hacker will have to get through before they can access your network. 

Winston Is the Ultimate Security Blanket for Your Family 

While adding the above extra layers of security to your home’s network will encourage hackers to seek out less secure targets,  it won’t guarantee that a tenacious hacker will not gain access. To help further defend your network and family against cyber intruders, you need Winston.

Winston is an innovative hardware VPN filter that protects every device  on your home’s network, including smartphones, tablets, computers, security and nanny cams,  smart devices, and more. In addition to making it much harder for hackers and trackers to get in, Winston also features a powerful ad blocker, spyware blocker, and adult + malware filter, making it the ultimate online security blanket for your family. 

Order your Winston and enjoy a better, safer internet and protection against nanny cam risks. Best of all, there’s no risk to try. Buy Winston today and if you’re not satisfied, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund!