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How Private is Incognito Mode

 When you enter incognito mode in Google Chrome, the landing page you see bears a logo of a secretive man wearing a hat and glasses. He looks a lot like a spy, which sort of goes against its claim of providing you with a private web surfing experience. But in fact, if you read the copy that’s on the landing page, you’ll discover that incognito mode really doesn’t keep your identity or your movements private.

It clearly states:

  • Your activity might still be visible to:
  • Websites you visit
  • Your employer or school
  • Your internet service provider

So, this begs the question – how private is incognito mode?

Incognito Mode is NOT Private

When you use Chrome in its standard form, a lot of your data is collected. For instance, Chrome keeps the information you enter into online forms; it records your browsing history, and it collects cookies and site data. All this is done with the intention of making repeat visits to websites quicker and more enjoyable, but the truth is – your data is at risk every time you go online.

When you surf the web in incognito mode, Chrome doesn’t record your browsing history, cookies, site data or the information you enter into online forms. This means that anyone else who uses your computer won’t be able to see what you’ve done or where you’ve been, but it in no way keeps your activity away from online entities.

Why Use Incognito Mode?

Since incognito mode does little to protect your identity or movements from the virtual world, why would anyone use it? Although incognito mode is not effective for improving your privacy online, it is effective at keeping your activities private on the computer you’re using. When you’re in incognito mode, family members or others who share your computer won’t be able to see what you’ve been up to. It also helps protect you from third-party services like Google and Facebook, which rely on cookies to track your online movements, so they can display targeted ads on the sites you visit. Plus, since incognito mode disables cookie collection and browser extensions, there will be a much lower risk of your data being stolen by a malicious app.

How to Stay Truly Anonymous Online

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