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How To Prevent Online Spying

How To Prevent Online Spying

Spies may have had their heyday back in the 1940s, but spying is just as prevalent now - maybe even more so. Spies today have evolved. Instead of fedora-wearing agents lurking in back alleys, they  infiltrate and gather information secretly and silently via the Internet.

While the average family probably doesn’t have to worry about online spying threats from foreign governments, they should be concerned about entities that are far less nefarious, yet equally as risky – commercial organizations and online retailers.

If you aren’t already aware, these entities employ sophisticated online trackers that monitor your activity whenever you’re surfing the web. They know what sites you visit, what you do on those sites, and more. That is why after you’ve been searching online for a bicycle for your child, every website you visit displays ads for bicycles.

This type of online spying isn’t considered illegal, but it does pose serious threats to you, the user. These trackers retain important data that these companies use and often sell to other companies. Should these companies suffer a targeted hack (which increasingly happens more often) your information could inadvertently wind up in the hands of some very serious criminals.

So, what can you do about it? Here are five things you can do to help prevent online spying.

Clear Your Internet Browser History After Every Use

Almost every website you visit places “cookies” on your computer’s web browser. This is designed to help the website load faster the next time you visit. But these cookies also keep track of everything you’ve done, and they retain your login information. Companies use these cookies to see what items you are viewing when shopping, what you search for, and what you read.

To help protect your data, you should clean out your browser’s search history after every use and delete all the cookies. You should also set your browser to private or incognito mode.

Never Open Suspicious Emails

Email phishing scams remain one of the most common ways hackers gain access to personal computers. Minimizing this risk is simple – never open up an email that looks suspicious. For instance, if the email sender is unfamiliar to you or features a string of numbers, or the subject line contains misspelled words or odd characters, then you should delete it immediately.

Don't Accept Friend Requests From People You Don't Know

If you use Facebook, Twitter, or any social media site you probably receive friend requests all the time and odds are you don’t know a lot of them. Review all your contacts, remove those you don’t know, and block those that send spam messages. Despite email phishing’s continued popularity, people are catching on and not opening unknown emails. Online criminals are more likely to target you through your social media platforms these days because it’s an easy way to catch you with your guard down.

Avoid Search Engines That Use JavaScript

A lot of basic search engines use JavaScript programming language because it is so prevalent on the web. The problem is JavaScript works a lot like cookies. It tracks your activity and retains information. To protect yourself, use a secure search engine that blocks trackers and improves your privacy like StartPage or DuckDuckGo.

Use a VPN Hardware Device Like Winston

Unlike VPN software, a VPN hardware device like Winston offers reliable and robust security that’s always on.  And it protects every connected device in your network from online spying from the moment it’s installed - even smart devices like TVs and cameras that you can’t install software on. There’s no easier or more effective way to stop hackers, corporate trackers, and other spies from tracking you and your family and accessing your personal data.

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