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Project Rogue - Update 1

Many of you have been asking questions about timing of our Rogue app. The official answer is that we don't have a launch date set yet as we're working through the foundational architecture right now. That said, progress has been swift and we are ahead of where we thought we would be right now.

At the start of any new project, a key goal is to de-risk as much of the technology as quickly as possible. For us, this necessarily means a focus on transport layer first.

We began by building our routing and coordination (provisioning) services first. These had to be carefully thought through as these services need to not only tie in with our existing account management platform but they also have to scale to handle (potentially) hundreds of servers.

This was also a good opportunity to think through the architecture so that we have more flexibility in supporting future requirements. For instance, we've been thinking a lot about a vision of federated VPNs, a semi-decentralized network that can work with other VPN providers (potentially even individuals) to provide further technical guarantees against eavesdropping and logging.

The mobile app has been another major area of focus. Unlike past efforts, we decided this time to focus primarily on Apple/iOS. 

Why? Because iOS has consistently been the most difficult to code for. Apple's designers have a knack for creating APIs that prevent any useful functionality from being added to their devices, particularly at the networking layer. So our thinking is that if we can support iOS, then we can (eventually) support anything.

Our mobile client is now working seamlessly with the Winston account management platform and the routing/coordination services mentioned above.

What about performance?

A major design goal for us is to deliver a fast and stable app. Nothing is worse than a slow VPN that frequently disconnects.

On that front, we've reached a maximum speed of 930Mbps with our current hardware and have managed to stay connected for over a week without the need to reset the connection. Pretty nice!

What's next

Next up on our list will be transplanting some of the brains from Winston hardware devices into the cloud. This is not as easy as it might sound because the hardware is configured and tuned for a single home network, while a server implementation will necessarily need to handle higher number of users. 

After that - and pending internal testing - we expect to begin inviting alpha users to try out the service. 

Reminder: Get your free 500MB of bandwidth! 

The waitlist is growing! We now have over 1500 users. Please share a link to the waitlist signup page (here). Remember that you get 500MB additional bandwidth per month when you sign up and another 500MB for the life of your account for every person you refer.