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What this top VPN company desperately doesn't want you to know

A big tech David and Goliath story

You probably know by now how Big Tech has been quietly gathering you and your family’s data… and how they have been turning a big profit from it.

So big in fact that they became the world’s most valuable companies. Did they get that way by selling great products? With the exception of Apple… no.

If the product is free, you’re the product

Notice I didn’t say “by selling your data”. Only the little guys do that. The big guys figured out a better way.

Instead, they tightly control it and sell access to you to the highest bidder.

Advertisers, political parties and yes, even the government buys from them.

Your data is being used against you

As The Great Hack (watch it on Netflix) described it, Cambridge Analytica figured out how to weaponize your data.

Some of the ways they’re turning your data against you:

  • They raise your prices when they know you want something
  • They figure out when you’re most susceptible to buying it
  • They factor the data into your credit score
  • They sell profile “signals” to your insurance company
  • They spread fake news and bias what you see to influence your vote

It’s not right. It has to stop.

I learned about what was happening in 2017, when I worked for one of the big ad agencies. Until then, data for attention was a fair trade. You watched Seinfeld and saw a few commercials.

But when I saw my first demo of software which tracked the location of virtually anyone with a cell phone in near real time, I was shocked. Then I saw another, which showed details so personal you wouldn’t believe it.

I wrote about these in Fast Company.

I started Winston because I didn’t want my kids growing up in a surveillance state.

After all, if I – the person with the know how, technical skills and resources didn’t do something to stop it… then who would?

Today, there are thousands of happy Winston customers whose families are a little safer in this world now that they aren’t being manipulated by big tech companies.

And the more people that are protected, the safer we all are.

From big tech, from fake news, from tyranny.

You know who David is in this story. Now about Goliath...

It’s not big tech. We’re far too small to have attracted their attention (yet).

Suffice it to say that Goliath is a speedy VPN company (so they claim) which is rumored to have CIA contacts (that is not our claim, just what can be readily found online).

This company has locked up most of the US radio and podcasts with exclusive contracts. They pay millions a year so you’ll hear their name and nobody else’s.

Now mind you – we don’t exactly compete with them. VPNs tunnel you to a different IP address, which is great for unlocking content you might otherwise be blocked from seeing. But they don’t provide any privacy. None.

Winston does that. Plug it in and forget about it. It does it’s job in the background and cleans up your internet.

In a sense, they are complementary solutions and a lot of our customers use both.

In a sense, we’re both on the same side.

So imagine our surprise when that company exercised their right of first refusal and stopped us from advertising on radio and podcasts.

And suddenly, our online ads started getting comments from “random” people stating this VPN is everything Winston is… and more.

They’re fighting dirty because they’re scared

In the America I grew up in, the best product won. It doesn’t seem to be the way anymore.

They don’t want you to hear about us because when you find out that

  • VPNs don’t protect your privacy
  • There’s an alternative that isn’t slow as maple syrup in Canada in winter...
  • We don’t get blocked by streaming services
  • And that we block most of those annoying ads
  • Then they might actually be in trouble.

    You’ve already won one battle for your mind

    They didn’t want you to hear about us but you did. And now you know that we’re not some soulless corporate shell that will tell you anything to get your money.

    In a small way, you beat them.

    Together, we all will.

    CEO / Founder of Winston Privacy