Why Are VPNs So Slow?


Virtual private networks like to market their services as having fast and reliable connections, but if you’ve ever used one before, then you know they can be frustratingly slow and suffer from random disconnections. In the best of cases, you’re forced to sacrifice speed for security but when you take a really close look at VPNs, even their security promises aren’t as strong as they claim. So, why are VPNs so slow and is there a VPN alternative that can provide a faster and more consistent connection?

VPNs Suffer From Limited Bandwidth

When you’re connected to the Internet through a VPN, your computer is connected to a remote server through a single secure socket. Any data that travels to and from your computer or mobile device gets routed through the remote server first where it is encrypted to help hide your IP address.

The problem is because VPNs connect to servers through a single socket, there’s a limit to how much bandwidth is available. High-data activities like video streaming, playing online games, or even just having a video chat can easily overwhelm the network and create a traffic jam that brings everything to a halt.

Making matters worse is the fact that when the network’s speed falls low enough, or your Wi-Fi signal fluctuates, your VPN service will usually disconnect, meaning you’ll have to reconnect before you can use the VPN again.

Try Winston – The VPN Alternative That Doesn’t Rely on Bandwidth

If you want the security and privacy promised by VPNs, but you don’t want to deal with slow Internet speeds, then Winston is for you. Winston is a hardware filter that gets installed between your modem and your router. It keeps you safe by scrambling your IP address with thousands of other Winston users and it accelerates your connection to the Internet because it eliminates speed-killers like ads and trackers.

Winston protects you from corporate tracking and surveillance that not only invades your privacy but also makes the Internet slower. Winston is faster and more secure than a VPN and it’s plug-and-play, so it’s easy and quick to install. Enjoy a faster, cleaner and safer browsing experience on all your devices – try Winston today.