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Why Is It Important To Hide Your IP Address?


Why Is It Important To Hide Your IP Address?

Every time you go online, your location is recorded. But unlike your mailing address, your online location is known as your IP address. Much like a virtual fingerprint, every IP address is unique, so any movements you make while you’re online can be easily traced back to you.

While you might think this isn’t that important to you because you don’t visit illicit websites or engage in illegal activities online, the reality is if someone knows your IP address, they also know your Internet service provider and they can very easily find your physical location. Having your IP address exposed can put you in a lot of danger, so it’s vital for your privacy and security to hide your IP address.

Here are ten other reasons why it’s important to hide your IP address.

Companies and Organizations are Always Watching You

Have you ever visited a website only to see their ads plastered on every future website you visit? Monitoring your online movements is how modern companies and organizations target their advertising to you. They watch where you go and see what you do. They learn what you’re interested in and what you search for. And, all this is possible because they have your IP address. Hiding your IP address is the only way you can truly browse the Internet anonymously.

Governments Love to Eavesdrop and Censor

Many governments around the world censor what their populations can see online and some even use the Internet to eavesdrop on communications among its people. By hiding your IP address, you’ll be able to avoid eavesdropping and bypass most, if not all, government censorship tactics.

Your ISP Tracks and Records Your Every Movement

Your Internet service provider tracks all your online activity and they maintain a record of it for a certain period of time. Thus, any time a law enforcement agency wants to see what you’ve been up to online, all they have to do is get your data from your ISP.

Spies and Hackers are Always on the Hunt for Exposed Data

Much like burglars, online spies and hackers look for the easiest targets to attack. If you don’t hide your IP address, you’re making their job all the easier. In fact, once they have your IP address, hackers can easily steal your identity and find out where you live.

Access Streaming Services Wherever You Are

Did you know that if you pay for Netflix or some other streaming service, you can only access the content on that service in your home country? This is because your IP address is used to determine your service eligibility. It also means if you take a vacation out of the country, you can’t access the content you paid for. But by hiding your IP address, you can fool the streaming service into thinking you’re still in your home country, thus granting yourself access to the service you’ve paid for.

Access Websites or Content Blocked by Geo-Restrictions

Ever visit a website from another country that you were restricted from accessing? Geo-restrictions are commonplace on the Internet, but they can be bypassed. By hiding your IP address, you can pretend to be surfing the web from a different location in the country where the website you want to access is hosted.

Search Engines Log Your Searches

Whenever you perform a search using Google, Bing or any other search engine, that search engine logs your search and records your IP address. This enables the search engine to display more targeted ads and even alter the search results you receive. Hiding your IP address and regularly clearing your cookies is the best way to stop search engines from tracking your movements.

Bypass Workplace or School Restrictions

Many employers and schools control how their employees or students use the Internet using online restrictions. For instance, you may not be able to access your social media account while you’re at work using your company computer. Since these restrictions are all based on your IP address, you can get around them simply by hiding it.

Protect Your Identity on Public Wi-Fi

Hackers love to spend time in areas with public Wi-Fi hotspots because they can get access to a lot of unprotected computers in one convenient place. Any time you log on to a public Wi-Fi hotspot, your IP address is exposed, and your data is up for grabs. Keeping yourself protected is of the utmost importance whenever you’re using public Wi-Fi, and your best means of protection is hiding your IP address.

Enjoy the Internet as It Should Be

The Internet has been taken over by corporations, which use it to track users for the sole purpose of marketing. The result is an Internet experience that is growing increasingly frustrating, congested with ads and less secure. By hiding your IP address, you’ll be able to enjoy the Internet as it should be – free from online trackers, invasive ads and prying eyes.

Winston Does More Than Hide Your IP Address

While a VPN service can hide your IP address to some degree, you have stronger and more effective solutions available. Winston offers state-of-the-art Internet privacy and protection that’s far and away more comprehensive than any virtual private network.

Unlike VPNs, Winston is hardware that delivers unparalleled privacy to all your devices. It works by automatically scrambling your traffic through numerous other Winston devices, selecting new peers every 10 minutes. Your traffic is mixed anonymously with that of other users, making it impossible for trackers to connect individual users with their IP addresses. There’s not a more effective means of hiding your IP address available.

In addition to hiding your IP address, there are additional steps you can take to protect your online privacy as outlined in our Master guide to protecting your online privacy.

Try Winston today and enjoy the Internet as it should be – fast, ad-free and secure.