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Why Online Privacy Matters

Why Online Privacy Matters

Everyone has a fundamental right to their privacy - online or offline.  The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948, Article 12 states: “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honor and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.”  However, it is getting increasingly more difficult to maintain a sense of privacy online today. Advertisers, big tech, government, and hackers are tracking your online habits and activity in an attempt to gain access to your browsing history and personal data. 

Your online privacy matters and there are steps you can take to ensure this basic human right isn’t being compromised.

Your Data Has Value. Protect It At All Costs.

When conducting financial transactions, there are security measures in place to help prevent others from listening in or seeing the transaction taking place. That’s because a financial transaction involves sensitive information that illicit parties may be interested in because of its value. 

While you might not think that everything you do online carries the same significant weight as a banking transaction, there are some similarities between the two.  Every website you visit collects information about you and that information can be extremely valuable to those who know how to use it.

It’s important to remember there is no such thing as “free” internet. Every app, website, and social media platform you visit or have access to is gathering your information. That’s why you suddenly see ads for hair supplies everywhere after visiting a hair supply website or looking up the term “hair supplies” in Google. Targeted ads like these are powered by your collected internet search history and online activities.

Those companies that use your data to send targeted ads to you are just the tip of the iceberg. The bigger problem is when your data gets sold from one company to another, often without your consent. The unauthorized sale of your data frequently leads to identity theft and other privacy risks. 

Tips to Protect Your Privacy Online

One thing is for certain - there is no guarantee of privacy on the internet. Facebook, Google, or any of your other favorite websites aren’t going to protect your privacy either - despite what they tell you. You need to take proactive steps to protect yourself and to keep your data safe. Here are nine tips to help you boost your online privacy.

  1. Opt-out of app tracking on all the apps you use
  2. Install a cookie blocking extension on your web browser
  3. Activate the Do Not Track (DNT) setting on your web browser
  4. Use incognito mode when performing web searches
  5. Read website privacy policies carefully before agreeing to anything
  6. Use a more secure search engine, like DuckDuckGo
  7. Be extra careful about what links and ads you click on when you’re online
  8. Keep your anti-virus program updated
  9. Use a hardware VPN filter to stop hackers and trackers from accessing your data and tracking your activity

Protect Your Online Privacy with Winston

Protecting your online privacy doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming and you don’t have to be a network engineer to keep you and your family safe. With Winston’s hardware VPN filter, there is no complex setup and you don’t have to worry about installing apps and programs on all your individual devices. Every device connected to your network is protected.  In addition to best-in-class encryption, Winston- features a powerful ad blocker, malware blocker, spyware blocker, and an adult content filter, making it the ultimate tool for protecting your family online. 

At Winston, we believe you have the right to live your life without being watched, packaged, and sold. That dedication to privacy is applied to every aspect of our business, which is why Winston is truly a zero-knowledge platform. There is no logging or knowledge of your internet activity by anyone other than you. In fact, we designed our technology specifically so that we cannot see or decrypt your internet activity.

Get Winston today and start enjoying a faster, safer, and more reliable Internet. There’s absolutely no risk. if you’re not satisfied, you can return it within 30 days for a refund.