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Why You Need to Use DuckDuckGo

Why You Need to Use DuckDuckGo

Big tech companies like Google and Apple are no stranger to privacy concerns and it’s widely known that they use their popular search engines to gather data on their users. This is why many Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Edge users are making the switch to a more privacy-conscious browser like DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo is a great option for those looking to perform web searches without worrying that someone is tracking their activity so they can target online ads to them. There are several reasons why the DuckDuckGo browser might be the web searching solution you never realized you needed.

Incognito Mode Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Being Tracked

Chrome and other browsers have an option called “incognito mode” that can be severely misleading to users. A lot of users mistakenly think that while in incognito mode they are searching the web in private and that their activity can’t be monitored. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

In reality, all incognito mode does is erase your local browsing history after you end your online session. It does not prevent Google and other companies from tracking your IP address. There is even a disclaimer when you enter incognito mode that states: 

Your activity might still be visible to:

  • Websites you visit
  • Your employer or school
  • Your internet service provider 

Learn more about how incognito mode doesn’t keep your identity or activity as private as you think.

Chrome Could Secretly Be Costing You Money

You may not realize that when you use Chrome as your browser and Google as your search engine, it could actually be costing you money. Here’s how:

Most of the distracting online ads you see are run through Google’s far-reaching ad networks. They are designed to allow advertisers to market to you using targeted ads chosen based on your search history, browsing history, location history, and other personal information they collect. But targeted ads aren’t the only thing they use the data for. Some advertisers, like airlines, even use your personal information to charge you different prices for their products and services. 

DuckDuckGo’s Search Results are Unbiased

When you search for something in Google, the results you get may not be the legitimate, unbiased search results you might expect. They are results that Google has determined to be most appealing to you based on all the data they have collected on you over the years. Using a browser like DuckDuckGo will provide you with more realistic, unbiased search results.

Use DuckDuckGo and Winston for Optimum Privacy Online

The DuckDuckGo browser is one of the best options out there for a secure online browser that doesn’t track and record your activity. When used in conjunction with the Winston hardware data privacy filter, it optimizes your data and privacy protection. Winston provides best in class encryption, powerful ad blocking technology, built-in malware, spyware, and adult content filters. It scrambles your IP address every 10 minutes, making it much more difficult for hackers and trackers to know your exact location. It's an effective way to protect your family while they’re online. 

Make the switch to a more secure browser like DuckDuckGo and order your Winston today to enjoy a safer, more private internet. There’s absolutely no risk – try Winston today and if you’re not satisfied, you can return it within 30 days for a refund!