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Winston End-of-Life Announcement

To our loyal customers and friends,

Four years ago we set out on a mission to protect ordinary people from the growing threat of surveillance capitalism. Something few people thought about when we started is now a mainstream topic. What started with Cambridge Analytica has resulted in Apple making headlines for taking on Facebook and Google. And now the European Commission has begun discussions on phasing out targeted advertising entirely. Incredibly, it seems that at least some of the wrongs of surveillance capitalism are on the verge of being corrected. 

We set out at Winston to address these issues at much more personal level with a hardware device that would be both easier-to-use and more effective for everyday home users. We developed great technology and manufactured a sleek product that solved the issue of in-home tracking like no other product before. 

Unfortunately, we were unable to generate sufficient demand with consumers to support a hardware business and have no choice but to discontinue the Winston Privacy service. This was a difficult decision to make as many of invested years of our lives in this mission. We did - and still do - feel passionately that everyone should have the ability to make meaningful choices about their family's privacy.

We encourage you to support businesses that put their users' privacy first. A few of the companies we recommend include:

* DuckDuckGo 
* ProtonMail 
* Signal 
* Brave 

Thank you for your support throughout the years.

The Winston Privacy Team



When will the device stop operating?

A final firmware update will be pushed in late June/July which will enable devices to run without a subscription. We expect the device will be fully functional through 3/1/2022 at which time, the security certificate for will expire.

At this point, you may be able to continue utilizing the dashboard by navigating to Your browser will display an error message stating that this website is not trusted. In Chrome, click the "Advanced" button and then click "Proceed to". This will whitelist the TLS certificate and allow you to continue interacting with the device from that browser.

How do I receive the firmware update?

Any device which is connected to the internet between June 28th and July 9th will automatically receive the update. You can check the version number on the bottom of your dashboard to see if you've received the update (1.5.14).

Will the mobile application continue working?

Unfortunately, it is not clear how long the mobile app will continue working due to different rules on the Android and Apple stores.