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Fast Company Interviews Winston's Richard Stokes about Privacy's Relationship to Luxury

Writer and filmmaker John Pavlus interviewed Rich Stokes recently, as part of an article exploring the degree to which privacy is a luxury good. 

An element of Winston Privacy's market strategy was to hire MNML Design Studio of Chicago to lead its hardware design and branding. Attention to design puts Winston in the company of luxury goods, but Stokes notes that attention to design goes hand-in-hand with target Winston users: people who have already put time and money into a home privacy solution...people who would appreciate good design as well. Pavlus compares this overall strategy to Tesla's market strategy. 

Rich Stokes summarizes the immediate market strategy as targeting early adopters, but not necessarily only the small percentage of engineers on the far cutting edge. Winston casts a wider net, including people who would ask in-the-know engineers how to protect home privacy, even if they don't track on the technical elements of the explanations at times. 

An unexpected habit of Winston early adopters is a tendency to keep the device out in the open, essentially on display — even though it would be just as easy to keep their device out of sight. Rich Stokes notes this fact in the interview, as well. 

Other evidence that points to Winston Privacy being not only functional but in the company of good design: the backers of Winston's successful Kickstarter campaign have a history where they (surprisingly and disproportionately) have backed design products in the past.  Winston Privacy was featured on Bless This Stuff, a curation site for "stuff we drool about," according to the editors. 

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