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Technori and WGN Radio Interview Winston Privacy's Richard Stokes

Scott Kitun of Technori and WGN Radio interviews Winston Privacy's founder Richard Stokes at WGN's studios in Chicago about internet privacy in the post Cambridge Analytica age, and how Winston Privacy as a combination of hardware and software works . 

The podcast is available on WGN Radio's site and Technori's site, as episode 80 of the Technori podcast.  It' a pretty great conversation, because Scott picked up on the context Winston Privacy works in, and asked excellent questions.  Examples of topics covered include: 

  • If Google's abandoned motto was "Don't Be Evil", why our informal motto at Winston is "Can't Be Evil".  
  • What stops Winston Privacy from being thee only Cambridge Analytica type organization if we're successful?  (Answer: a distributed network means we can't sell your data because we don't have your data ). 
  • The hundreds or thousands of companies along the lines of Cambridge Analytica that you don't know about. 
  • Scott manages to beat Richard to the phrase oft-heard at Winston, "If you don't know what the product is, you are the product."
  • Can what you visit online affect your credit score or your insurance eligibility? Should it? 
  • How can you build a walled garden that blocks the companies tracking you? 

Listen via the web in your browser on either site linked above.  All Technori podcasts are now also available on Spotify.