Being trustworthy is privacy's first anchor.

Who can you trust in a world where the most direct path to money is making you the product? The big names in internet technology like Google and Facebook make excellent money by tracking you and monetizing your personal information. They optimize revenue by forcing their will on the norms of data collection with dark patterns and insecure default settings. Countless “little brothers” exist behind the scenes, trading personal data you may assume is private. The number of supposed privacy extensions or secure VPNs actually selling your information themselves would startle you. You are not Winston's product. 

At Winston, we operate out in the open, in a world that is commonly shadowed ­ — because our mission of smart, pragmatic privacy choices will succeed only when based on transparency and trustworthiness.


We’re done waiting. The right technology is available now.

Comprehensive privacy is not only possible. It's realistic. That statement alone may surprise you. The common choices surrounding privacy online are a mess, and on the surface, an easy solution doesn’t seem realistic. We certainly didn’t see a pragmatic, comprehensive solution in the marketplace. VPNs don’t stop tracking, for instance, and that fact surprises far too many VPN users. All the angles and protocols and settings in privacy technology make online privacy a complicated, never ending puzzle. But...it's a solvable puzzle, and studies show people want a solution. 

At Winston, we believe brilliant engineering can reset the privacy norms of the internet — you can circumvent countless privacy landmines now with Winston.


Privacy strong enough for everyone, and easy for anyone.

Privacy needs to be simple to execute, or people will "ostrich" — keep their heads in the sand and avoid taking action. Theoretically, in your brilliant moments, you could build what Winston does on your own. It's technically possible, just as it's technically possible for you to build a supercar from scratch in your garage. It's not, however, likely you will do it or easy to do. It would require competency in a diverse technical skill set, fluency in small print legalese, and even fairly deep knowledge of the state of online privacy. The big forces in tech have tilted this playing field against the user. Privacy settings default against the user, requiring you to opt out of bad policies. Furthermore, privacy evolves fast. Simply staying up to date on all the angles where your privacy is compromised is a major burden.

At Winston we believe easy is necessary in privacy, so we shoulder the hard work and difficult thinking for you.

In a world that is shadowed, we choose to operate in the open because our mission of smart, pragmatic privacy choices will succeed only when based on transparency and trustworthiness.

Richard Stokes

Founder & CEO

Richard was the founder of AdGooroo.com, one of the first digital market research services, and later became the Global Head of Innovation for Kantar Media. He founded Winston Privacy in response to the increasing abuses of privacy taking place in the AdTech industry. He's the author of "The Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising". He has a Computer Science degree from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and an MBA from Kellogg / Northwestern University.

Rob Sieracki

Marketing Lead

Rob has been a leader and founder of three marketing agencies, dating back to 1998.  His marketing experience includes clients such as satellite and broadband providers, home automation and security systems, large real estate brokerages, major newspapers, more than a dozen of the Internet Retailer 500 companies in e-commerce, tech startups and even NFL teams.  He's also a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grantee for work in social entrepreneurship.

Will Watts

Director Engineering

A veteran of the IoT industry, Will has been developing applications for IoT since 2003. At Winston Privacy, Will combines expertise in Linux, firmware, and networking into making an amazing device that makes your browsing faster and keeps big brother from tracking you. Will held prior positions at Cisco and GE.

Jack Keller

Director Operations

Jack came to Winston from Liberty Advisors, where he spent several years in strategy and technology consulting. His experience includes implementing operational efficiencies in Supply Chain and Finance, particularly in the manufacturing and consumer goods industry. He possesses a unique blend of business know-how, industry experience, and technical understanding. Jack holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame.

Milan Andric

Sr Extension Engineer

Milan previously helped launch a distributed open source mHealth platform to support health workers providing care for people in the hardest-to-reach communities in the world.  He is a Chicago South Side native and UIUC alum.

Ayan George

Sr Privacy Engineer

Ayan’s first home computers was a Commodore Vic 20 in the early 80s. He started programming in C in middle school. He worked in the ISP, petroleum, digital signal processing, and operating systems industries and has also been a business owner .Ayan organizes the Orlando Go meetup and is a father, husband, and an avid photographer.

Nick Moran

New Stack Ventures

Nick is founder and General Partner at New Stack Ventures, an early-stage firm investing at the intersection of hardware and software.  Prior to New Stack, Nick worked in M&A and Product Management for Danaher and also created the first Venture Capital podcast, The Full Ratchet, in May 2014.

Joe Dwyer

Founder Equity

Joe Dwyer is an investor (Founder Equity), serial entrepreneur, and MBA professor (Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management). He has an undergraduate degree from Georgetown, and JD-MBA degrees from Northwestern.

Victor Gutwein

M25 Capital

Victor Gutwein is the founder and managing partner of M25, an early-stage VC firm based in Chicago focused entirely on started from the Midwest. Victor is also a Kauffman Fellow and has founded an unsuccessful scooter startup while an undergraduate at the University of Chicago.

Brad Zapp

Connetic Ventures

Brad Zapp, CFP® (former ChFC, CLU, RFC, WMS, Series 22,24,7,63) is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Connetic Ventures. Prior to running Connetic Ventures, Brad founded his own Wealth Management Firm, Legacy Financial, which became a federally registered RIA in 2011.

Winston HQ

Winston Privacy operates out of mHub, Chicago’s first innovation center for product development and manufacturing, at 965 W. Chicago Ave, 60642.