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You have the right to live life without being watched, packaged, and sold.

The original promise of the Internet was to democratize information. Decades later, that promise has been corrupted by a vast network of big tech companies, advertisers, data brokers, governments, and more. The information economy has become the surveillance economy.

Silicon Valley has grown rich and powerful by collecting and selling your personal information. You ask for directions, and they tell businesses where you are. You enter your birthday, and they try to get your friends to buy you presents. Beyond the big guys, countless “little brothers” you’ve never even heard of are trading the personal data that you assume is private. Even supposed privacy extensions and secure VPNs are often in the business of selling your information themselves.

With every post, click, and purchase, you have become the product. You didn’t agree to this.


You are our customer, not our product.

Winston is the only device that empowers people to reclaim their online privacy and security. With us, you get the keys to your house back.

We know how technology companies are tilting the playing field against users – burying landmines in Terms & Conditions, defaulting your privacy settings to the lowest common denominator, hiding settings that would allow you to opt out of data sharing, and more.

Our only product is the Winston device – not you. We’re working hard to stay ahead on top of all the new ways your data could be compromised.


You deserve transparent privacy solutions.

We founded Winston Privacy with a clear mission: to help Internet users take back control over their personal information.

Comprehensive privacy is not only possible, it's realistic. That may seem surprising, since it’s so hard to sift through all the choices you need to make. Our team is made of people with diverse technical backgrounds and skill sets, and a deep knowledge of the state of online privacy. Our founder is an engineer by training who left a career in advertising after seeing firsthand the increasing abuses of personal data that are taking place.

At Winston, we’re not only building products that put the power back into your hands, we’re also advocating for change.