About Us

We believe consumers should have control over their privacy. So we're stopping all nonconsensual data tracking. Really."

Big Brother is here. It knows our political beliefs. It knows what we eat and whether we drink too much. It knows what we think about our bosses and what our bosses think of us. It knows our salaries and payment histories. It knows what airlines we fly, what cars we buy and what hotels we stay at. It knows what our ailments are, what drugs we use, what doctors we see and even how we think.

Then it sells this information to the highest bidder, or sometimes, any bidder at all. It even gives this information to the government.

It wants us to believe that privacy is an old fashioned, out-of-date concept. It gives us VPNs, ad blockers, and "incognito mode" to fool us into feeling safe.

The advertisers won't stop. The government won't protect us. So we have to protect ourselves. It's time we say, "no more".


  • Richard Stokes

    Richard Stokes

    Founder, CEO

    Winston Privacy was founded by Richard Stokes, entrepreneur, three-time author, technologist and former digital advertising executive who left the adtech industry over the increasingly alarming invasions of privacy which were becoming more aggressive on an almost daily basis.

    He studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at UIUC and received his MBA from Kellogg/Northwestern University. His background includes Digital Marketing, Ad Tech, and large scale data collection.