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  • Intelligently blocks and expires cookies
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Winston Privacy

Take control of your online privacy

Winston's free extension keeps you safer from digital spying and tracking

Speeds browsing

Anti-fingerprinting Technology

Blocks annoying ads

Enhances incognito Mode privacy

Intelligent cookie filtering

No logging or paid backdoors

The simple extension that does it all

Running multiple privacy or ad blocking extensions? You might want to think again.

Only a single extension may modify a request so if several are installed, they will compete with each other and increase your exposure to online tracking.

Winston integrates the most important application layer privacy protections into a single convenient browser extension.

Consumes minimal resources

While other extensions might slow down your browser and eat up RAM, Winston is designed to be fast and lightweight.

No backdoors or logging

Other extensions and ad blockers make money by whitelisting advertisers and tracking companies for a fee. This extension has no backdoors.

We take a hard stance against collecting and selling user data.

You are not a product.

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