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Winston Privacy Filter
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Winston Privacy Filter Device

  • Easy plug and play setup
  • Faster than a VPN
  • Stronger than a browser plugin
  • Stop tracking in its track
  • Blocks those annoying ads
  • Protects every device in your home

Online Dashboard

  • Inspect blocked ads and trackers
  • Monitor network activity and health through detailed privacy reports
  • Modify privacy settings

Browser Extension

  • Additional in-browser privacy protection with customizable privacy settings
  • Available for Chrome, Firefox, & Safari (coming soon)

1 Year Winston Subscription
FREE ($99 value)

  • Location Cloaking
  • Online Activity Scrambling
  • DNS Encryption
  • Feature Enhancements
  • Customer Support
Total Smart Home Privacy

The information enconomy has become the surveillance economy and you are the target of the investigation. With every post, click and purchase you are no longer just an internet user, you are a product. Reduce you data footprint with Winston.

Your data footprint reveals everything about you & your family.



Browser History


of Americans are worried their online activities make it easier to steal their identity or have their finances compromised.

of Americans agree that advertising companies should not be able to collect data about them without their consent

“People have the right to live their lives without being watched, packaged or sold.”

Richard Stokes, CEO& founder, Winston Privacy
Keep Your Online Activity Private

IP Cloaking


Accelerated Internet

Encrypted DNS

AI Cookies Blocker

Real Privacy for the Real World

Simply connect Winston between your modem and router for a faster, cleaner, and more secure internet connection on every IoT device in your home.
Original $249.99
Limited Time Offer: $224.99


"My house used to be a utopia of information for trackers. Not anymore and I absolutely love it! Now our network activity and conversations remain private. That is one of the many reasons why this product is making me so thrilled!!"

- Sean W

"Great investment. Thank you Winston for providing a product to take back my online privacy. I love how easy it was to see up and being able to personalize what I choose to do with my privacy. Definitely recommend!"

- Brandon C

"Winston opened my eyes to the unfathomable amount of tracking, ad traffic and all-around crap between home and the internet. The difference is like day & night!"

- Jack B

"I feel much more secure on the internet now with Winston protecting my data. No more tracking from anything you do not want tracking from, and that is glorious!"

- David A

"As an IT Professional working for a State Police Agency I know how we are attacked and tracked. Winston gives me piece of mind knowing that I am not being tracked and that everything is encrypted. I strongly recommend Winston. Protect yourself from prying eyes. Get a Winston!"

- Bradley Horn