Why are two major VPN companies trying to crush this Chicago startup?

Usually when it comes to VPNs most people think "private". But nothing could be further from the truth.

Two of the biggest tech companies on earth declared war on this tiny group startup disrupting the $4 billion VPN industry. What are they so afraid you'll find out?

VPN companies have been spreading a whopper of a lie

You’ve probably seen the ads. One VPN company after another claims they will protect your privacy.

They don’t. While it’s true that VPNs cloak your public IP, they do nothing to disable other sophisticated techniques that advertisers, hackers and governments use to track your online activities.

And even worse, many of those companies exist for the sole purpose of collecting your data and selling it to the highest bidder.

Others seem to have more sinister purposes in mind.

Who really owns these companies anyway?

In many cases, nobody knows. They hide behind layers of corporate shell entities, going to extreme lengths to hide their true ownership.

But here's what we do know:

  • 30% of the top VPN companies are owned by just six Chinese companies, a country where VPNs are illegal. [Slashdot]
  • Half of the most popular VPN smartphone apps are owned by Chinese Firms [Financial Times]
  • The top 101 VPNs are owned by just 23 parent companies [VPNPro]
  • Most are run out of countries with lax privacy laws and many are hostile to the US, including China, Pakistan and Russia. Why do they want our data so badly?

Have you ever wondered why VPNs are so cheap?

Just like your Smart TV which is constantly spying on you and your family, most VPNs are collecting your data and then selling it.

If the product is free, then you’re the product.

UFOVPN, Hola VPN and Hidemyass are three popular VPNs that were recently caught logging user data. There are doubtless many more.  

Project Raven: The clandestine team hacking VPNs

Reuters recently revealed the sordid details of Project Raven, a clandestine intelligence operation operating out of the UAE, spying on ordinary British and American citizens.

Operatives at Project Raven have also been cracking VPN encryption and spying on their users.

If you’re a spy, having all the data in one place sure makes your job a lot easier. That’s exactly what a VPN does.  

Meet Winston – the US company reinventing the VPN

We started Winston because we didn’t want Big Tech following our kids around, profiling them, pushing their buttons from cradle to grave. Telling them what to buy… or who they should vote for.

But when we went down the rabbit hole, we discovered something far scarier.

Ads and tracking are bad enough, but VPNs are even worse.

Foreign ownership. Malware distribution. Undisclosed logging. Cheap and free plans subsidized by data harvesting and botnets.

Why do these companies want us to install their software on our devices?

Because your data and identity are worth a lot more on the open market than you think.

It’s not right. And it has to stop. 

The best VPN isn’t a VPN at all

Winston is a zero-trust, distributed platform. None of your data goes through our servers.

Instead, your data is encrypted and routed through dozens of locations at once, keeping your IP and true location hidden.

We built it from the ground up to defeat all logging. Even if the encryption was broken, they still couldn’t separate your data from everyone else’s. No putting your eggs in one basket.

Winston scrambles the traffic of thousands of users together, constantly shifting it over the web from city to city. One second, you’re in Los Angeles. The next, Miami. Or so it seems to anyone trying to collect your data.

Put a stop to smart home spying. Winston protects every device you own.

Even the ones you can’t install software on. That includes Smart TVs, mobile devices, kids’ tablets and smart “anythings”.

Because if you want to protect everything in your home, you need something in your home to do it. 

Why pay for a VPN when it just slows you down?

Most VPNs deliver speeds lower than 20Mbps. The best ones top out at 60Mbps.

Compare that to Winston, which delivers speeds of over 500Mbps.  

Winston isn’t sketchy foreign software 

It’s the result of three solid years of research right here in the US. We developed our technology from scratch, spending day after day breaking things, testing, breaking them again until we had something that worked.

And when we rolled out the first units…

They failed miserably.

That might be too harsh, but it wasn’t great. Our “guinea pigs” reported a lot of issues and had a lot of questions, which told us that we needed to start over. We repeated this again and again… for over three years. There were times we almost gave up. A lot of people - even some so called "experts" - attacked us for breaking their so-called rules. They made it clear that we were outsiders and they didn't want a new solution. 

But we persevered.
The result: Success!

We had something VPNs only dreamed of having:

  • No centralized networks
  • No logging
  • Up to 10x faster speeds
  • No single points of failure
  • No constant disconnects
  • No issues with streaming services

Winston stops annoying ads and trackers, too...

Hiding your IP address isn’t enough. Google, Facebook and other big tech companies can identify you right through a VPN, even when you’re not on their sites. Our technology blocks their sophisticated tracking. As a result, you see far fewer ads on your network.

This is no ordinary ad blocker either. While those just hide ads on your browser, Winston stops them on TVs and mobile phones, too.

Winston comes with two modes of protection: Standard and Aggressive.

Standard Mode blocks most nuisances and works with virtually every site. You may find an occasional ad gets through or can’t be clicked. But you’ll enjoy a clean and fast web experience like you haven’t seen before.

Aggressive Mode steps up the game and disables tens of thousands of trackers and advertisers while adding on sophisticated counter-surveillance techniques, including AI powered cookie filtering and anti-browser fingerprinting (designed to stop them from tracking you in incognito mode).  

Every day the typical Winston user experiences...

Every day the typical Winston user experiences...

Is your VPN slow as molasses in winter?

Does it disconnect constantly?

Does it get blocked by streaming services like Amazon and Netflix?

Then we think you’re going to really enjoy this device.

It’s fast.

It’s always running in the background so you don’t have to worry about turning it on and off, or frequent disconnects.

And it plays well with streaming video, games and devices. We have hundreds of prebuilt compatibility modules and we’re here to help if you encounter any issues at all. 

Is Winston hard to use?

The hardest part of using Winston is plugging it in. Connect it between your router and modem (or behind your all-in-one cable modem, if that’s what you have) and visit our guided setup website.

It takes about 10 minutes. And our US based support team is here to help if you have any problems.

You may encounter the occasional site that Winston interferes with. That’s normal because many websites intentionally break if they can’t identify you. If you want to share your data with them, no problem. Easily whitelist it using our included web extension for Chrome and Firefox. 

What we believe

Unlike the VPN companies, we aren't hiding. Most of us were born and raised in Chicago or the Midwest. Almost half of our team are US veterans. We have no employees outside of the US.

Chief among our core values is “Extreme Ownership”, based on the Navy Seal Philosophy book of the same name by Jocko Willink. We say what we do and do what we say. We tell the truth. We achieve the mission.

And our mission is to keep ordinary Americans safe from online surveillance, tracking, spying and other threats. 

The VPN companies are fighting dirty so you won't hear the truth.

Big Tech has been exercising their muscle to lock us out of virtually all radio and podcast advertising. 

One of the VPN companies based out of China even started flooding our social media accounts with negative comments and reviews. They stand out because the accounts are all brand new and many are written in bad English.

They’re afraid that when you learn that… 

  • VPNs don’t protect your privacy
  • There’s an alternative that delivers 10x faster internet speeds
  • We don’t get blocked by streaming services
  • Our service is designed stop anyone from harvesting your data (even us)
  • And we’re 100% US based…

... you’ll probably switch to Winston.

Take back control of your data. Winston is 100% distributed.



Up to 600Mbps

10 - 60Mbps

Blocks ads and trackers


Cloaks your IP

Encrypts data

Protects your entire home


Intelligently blocks cookies


Stops browser fingerprinting


Compatible with streaming services


Protects Smart TVs


Protects kids' smart phones and tablets




China, Russia, Pakistan, ?

Don't rely on foreign VPNs. Winston is 100% distributed.



Up to 600Mbps

< 60Mbps

Cloaks your IP

Encrypts data

Protects your entire home


Intelligently blocks cookies


Stops browser fingerprinting


Compatible with streaming services


Protects Smart TVs


Protects kids' smart phones and tablets


Additional Devices



Unlike a VPN, Winston is compatible with your favorite streaming services and games

Winston Privacy Free Device Offer
Winston Privacy Free Device Offer
Winston Privacy Free Device Offer
Winston Privacy Free Device Offer
Winston Privacy Free Device Offer
Winston Privacy Free Device Offer
Winston Privacy Free Device Offer
Winston Privacy Free Device Offer

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  • No logging or data collection
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