Winston Privacy Filter (Pilot Program, Pre-Sale)

Winston Privacy

*Winston's pilot program is SOLD OUT. You can pre-order a regular release (for February 2019 delivery).


Join Winston's pilot program.

Here's how it works:

Winston is a hardware device that sits inline with your router, protecting all your online devices.  To stay up-to-date, Winston runs on proprietary software that is updated on an ongoing basis. 

Pre-pay for 1 year of Winston software update (12 months at $14.99 = $179.88 cost), and you get a Winston device free (a $150 value).

You get priority Pilot Program support, and we ask for your honest feedback as you use the newest Winston technology. 

  • Scrambles, encrypts and anonymizes your internet activity.
  • Blocks tracking and ads.
  • One Winston protects your computer, tablet, phone and all your smart devices.

When does it ship? Winston devices for the Pilot Program will ship mid-December 2018, maybe earlier. Purchasers will be notified when via email. 

Space in the program is limited, in large part because the pilot program production run was finite. Less than 50 spots remain available at this time. 


Important notices:  The pilot program is intended for enthusiastic early adopters willing to give us feedback on the Winston device and interface. Proceed only if you're comfortable with a pre-release product (although it is an exciting one).

Please do not purchase if you have an all-in-one modem/wireless solution that you aren't able or willing to modify. Winston requires being between the modem and any other direct connection to the Internet — and will not work with an all-in-one modem/wireless router solution.

No returns accepted for this pilot program, although any defective merchandise will be replaced. We're looking for people interested in giving us feedback on the Winston device and enthused about helping set the direction of the company. All pilot program sales are final.