Comprehensive online privacy in one device.

Protect your family and browsing from spying and identity theft with one easy-to-install hardware product. 

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Stop Tracking in its Tracks

Easily opt-out of everyday surveillance that compromises your security and identity.

Protects All Devices

One Winston protects your computer, tablet, phone, and all your smart devices.

Faster than a VPN

Remove all the onsite junk that tracks you and your browsing becomes super fast.

Block Ads

Enjoy a cleaner browsing experience with no ads following you around the internet.

Stronger than a Plugin

Winston is a hardware device that sits inline with your router, protecting all your devices.

Distributed Private Network

VPNs are unreliable and expose you to logging. Winston is a decentralized platform built on Ethereum.

Stream Video

Unlike most VPNs, Winston is streaming friendly and works with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.


No logging. You are not the product in our business. We don’t sell your data.

Surprisingly Easy

All the complicated choices and tech around privacy, done for you, in one box.

Take control of your privacy online

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