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Protect your privacy on every device you own... without a VPN!

Enjoy faster browsing, fewer ads and safer, more private internet with Winston, the internet scrambler that stops big tech spying, annoying ads and other nuisances.

  • Fewer ads and faster browsing
  • Stop big tech spying and tracking
  • Block malware and adult content
  • Cloak your IP address
  • Encryption to fight identity theft
  • Up to 10x faster speeds than a VPN
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Winston improves your internet and protects your privacy

Speeds browsing

Reduce manipulation by tech companies

Hide your IP & location

Block ads & trackers

Protect all home devices

Quick & easy setup

Typical Results*

* Results are typical and vary based on your network usage

Scramble your Internet activity,
browse the web more safely

Winston strips away corporate tracking and surveillance that invades your privacy and makes the internet slower.

with Winston

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Get safer, faster internet

Winston filters ads, tracking and big tech spying on every device you own, even the ones you can't install software on. Cutting the bloat makes pages load faster. Now you keep your family safe without trying to be a privacy expert.

Hide your activity

Cloaking your IP address through up to 30 locations at once confuses eavesdroppers, hackers and big tech tracking while encryption helps protect you against hacking and identity theft.

Fully protect all devices

Winston works even on devices where you can't install software and our new mobile app now protects iOS and Android devices while away from home.

Genuinely Trustworthy

Winston's high performance hardware supports up to 600Mbps throughput with low latency. Winston is 100% US owned and our devices are designed and assembled in the USA.

Take a look under the hood.

Winston has so much to show and nothing to hide. Dig into your network analytics and see exactly what’s being filtered, where it’s coming from, and who’s running it.

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Yes! Winston is compatible with your favorite streaming services and games